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PMA450B Audio Panel

This 3rd generation PMA450B has two completely independent Bluetooth® modules, giving unprecedented connectivity capabilities. Stream to a digital video camera, hear Foreflight® alerts, make a phone call to ATC for your IFR clearance, or even listen to your favorite tunes once in a while.
  • 3 Softkey User Interface integrated with OLED Graphics Display allows intuitive operation as well as wide-angle view in all levels of cockpit lighting.
  • IntelliAudio® True Dimensional Sound enhances the ability to listen to two com radios at the same time.
  • The integrated audio alert system, flightmate®, gives the pilot the ability to hear alerts related to aircraft conditions.
  • Multiple Bluetooth® modules for unprecedented flexibility.
  • Bluetooth® Music Streaming with front panel volume control.
  • Bluetooth® telephone connection.
  • Bluetooth® digital audio output for video recorders.
  • And much more!
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PMA8000 Series Audio Panels

The PMA8000 series are all Plug 'N Play with the GARMIN GMA340 audio panel. This series includes: 
  • PMA8000C:  Adds third COM radio capability.
  • PMA8000G: With flightmate® aural alerts, checklists, and emergency procedure device, as well as HRTF True Dimensional Sound.
  • PMA8000E: True Dual Audio Panel system ideally suited for King Airs and Light Jets.
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PMA7000 Series Audio Panels

The PMA7000 series audio panels are KMA24 pin-compatible – only the intercom harness has to be made, and the existing connector remains. This series includes: 
  • PMA7000M-BT: Plug 'N Play replacement to the original PMA6000 Monaural series. Comes complete with Bluetooth®. 
  • PMA7000B: A 6 place hi-fi Stereo intercom with IntelliVox®.  
  • PMA7000BT: Same as the PMA7000B, but adds Bluetooth® capability. Allows Bluetooth® enabled devices to connect for phone operation of music streaming. Plug 'N Play with the 6000MS legacy audio panel.
  • PMA7000H: Same as the PMA7000B, but with a built-in 8 passengers intercom, plus pilot and copilot intercom positions. Total of 10 places. CVR output and a built-in ICS PTT system for the pilot and copilot are also built-in. 
  • PMA7000H-BT: Same as the PMA7000H, but with Bluetooth® capability.
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PMA6000B Audio Panel

The next generation PMA6000B has been given the benefit of PS Engineering's 20+ years of audio panel control design and 35+ years of manufacturing experience. It offers a low cost alternative to the more capable audio panel product line that the industry has come to expect from such a focused-driven company.

The PMA6000B combines an audio selector panel with a top-quality manually adjusted VOX intercom and a slew of features to enhance versatility and utility.

  • Built-in 4 place mono intercom PS Engineering's "Set-it and Forget-it" manual VOX
  • Optional built-in marker beacon receiver
  • Split mode for dual audio capability
  • 2 - Com Capability
  • 3 - Intercom isolation modes: Pilot Isolate, All, and Crew
  • 2 - Music inputs with Soft Mute™
  • 2 - Unswitched inputs
  • 6 - Switched inputs
  • A patented "swap" function allows the selection of Com 1 or Com 2 from the remote push button
  • The fail-safe feature automatically hard-wires the pilot to Com 1 in the case of an outage
  • Uses a single 44-pin connector to make installation easier
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PM3000 Stereo Intercom

The PM3000 stereo panel mount intercom packs a lot in a small space. And with the updated "A" model (four-place only) it adds capability not found in any other panel mounted intercom! With the PM3000, you get PS Engineering's renowned quality and trouble-free operation – and music fidelity that rivals even the best aviation headsets available.
  • The four-place stereo intercom (11931A) provides Pilot Isolate (ISO) allowing the pilot to concentrate on flying the airplane while the others on board can communicate with each other and listen to great hi-fi stereo music. 
  • The 11931A provides two un-switched inputs allowing the connection of audio sources like Angle of Attack (AOA) or Terrain Avoidance alerts.
  • The 11931A's single music input is a differential input, effectively eliminating ground loop noise from the music source (no alternator whine from differing power ground potentials).
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PM1000II Intercom

The PM1000II panel-mounted, four-channel intercom gains the benefits of PS Engineering's decades of design excellence. This popular panel mount has advanced features found in only more expensive competitor's units. Some of its best features include: 
  • Pilot Isolate and ALL modes allow the pilot to separate themselves from the intercom and focus on aircraft radio. (Note: crew isolate and dual music requires the 11920 model)
  • Soft Mute™ circuitry is our standard-setting solution for managing the music volume levels against radio reception and transmission.
  • Automatic fail-safe interconnects to the aircraft radio wires the pilot's headset to the aircraft radio in the event of disrupted power or related failure.
  • Separate pilot and copilot transmit capabilities ensure that only the person pressing the PTT will be heard over the radio. A blue transmit light is illuminated when a PTT is pressed; this also serves as a "stuck-mic" indicator.
  • Independent intercom volume settings do not affect radio equipment volume levels, allowing better control over communications.
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