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Stec 3100

The next-generation Genesys Aerosystems S-TEC 3100 Digital Flight Control System (DFCS) is a fully featured, attitude-based autopilot that gives you a list of workload-reducing and safety-enhancing capabilities that were previously unavailable on aftermarket autopilots.

  • Precise, digital flight control for every phase of flight
  • 2-axis (3-axis option on some models)
  • Automatic Trim included
  • Envelope Protection/Alerting
  • Straight and Level Recovery
  • Precision Approaches/Missed Approaches
  • Indicated Airspeed Hold*
  • Altitude Preselect
  • GPS Enroute VNAV
  • Aspen PFD Interface
  • Improved G5 Interface
  • And much more!
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Stec 3100: Version 1.4 Improvements

New Features:
  • GPS enroute VNAV – S-TEC 3100s with Version 1.4 software and new bezel with VNAV button will allow coupled VNAV flight when interfaced with a compatible GPS source and EFIS Currently, only the Garmin GTNTM Navigators and TXiTM displays will allow VNAV. (available late Q3 2021)
  • GPS flight plan clearing is no longer required to follow VOR – Certain analog installation required flight plan clearing prior to capturing/tracking a VOR signal.  The need to do this has been eliminated.
  • VS 500fpm preset enhancement – The 3100 will instinctively set VS to 500fpm unless the aircraft is currently climbing or descending more than 500fpm.  In this case, the target will sync to the current rate of climb or descent.
  • Aspen PFD interface – The 3100 with Aspen will now offer full envelope protection without the need for an additional IAS kit.  With the additional“3100 Advanced Interface Unlock” option from Aspen available with their EFD1000 MAX units, the 3100 will display mode annunciations and allow for 2-way communication of target data from the PFD display and the S-TEC 3100.
  • Arming NAVGPSS – Allows NAVGPSS to be armed from the HDG mode.  This will work in the same fashion as the current pilot selectable intercept angle to a LOC or VOR.
  • Improved G5 Interface – The 3100 altitude target can be set on the Garmin G5 unit, instead of on the 3100 bezel.  VS and IAS targets will still be set on the 3100 bezel.
  • New Annunciations on display
  • Additional Performance Enhancements based upon customer feedback
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System 55X

High-performance, two-axis autopilot for reducing pilot workload in IMC through all modes of flight.
  • High Performance: Fully IFR-capable, with nav and glide slope intercepts that make it ideal for approaches.
  • Control Wheel Steering: Hand-fly aircraft and then let the autopilot take over to hold the existing turn rate and vertical speed.
  • Hundreds of STC’s: From light singles through piston twins
  • Optional Altitude Preselect*, Electric Trim, Yaw Damper
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System 40 50 banner

System 40/50

Economical autopilots with three ATI-size, panel-mounted mode selector/programmer/annunciators.
  • 1- or 2-Axis: Choose the capability that fits your flight profile requirements.
  • Fits 3” ATI: Conserve valuable panel space.
  • Expandable: Start with basic functions and easily add functionality like GPSS and Yaw Damper.
  • Easy Upgrades: Simple upgrade from System 40 to System 50 for greater capabilities. Easy migration path to the higher performance of System 55X analog autopilot.
  • Optional GPSS, yaw damper, manual electric trim and more.
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System 20/30

Multi-mode, single or two axis analog autopilots that use zero additional panel space.
  • No Additional Panel Space: Fits in same space as turn-and-bank coordinator.
  • 1- or 2-Axis: Choose the capability that fits your flight profile requirements.
  • Hundreds of STC’s: From light singles through medium twins.
  • Cost Efficient: Ideal for pilots on a budget.
  • Optional: GPSS and yaw damper
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System 30ALT/60PSS

This analog autopilot and altitude preselector uses barometric adjustment data from a digital encoding altimeter for extremely accurate altitude capture.
  • Added Safety: For VFR pilots who want the added safety of pitch control.
  • Single-Axis: Altitude (System 30 ALT) or altitude, vertical speed, and GS coupling (System 60 PSS)
  • Cost-Efficient: Ideal for pilots on a budget.
  • Optional Automatic Electric Pitch Trim: Reduces pilot workload during transitions from autopilot to hand flying.
  • Optional yaw damper
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The GPSS interfaces with the composite roll steering commands output by GPS navigators to fly a complete, pre-programmed flight plan—hands off.
  • Complete GPS Flight Tracking: Interfaces with GPS to fly pre-programmed flight plans hands-free.
  • Smooth Waypoint Transitions: Calculates turn initiation point to fly from centerline of current leg to centerline of new leg, enabling autopilot to fly a precisely-curved transition path between legs.
  • Reduced Pilot Workload: Eliminates need to set course arrow or heading bug at leg changes.
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Yaw Damper

The innovative design of the Genesys Aerosystems Yaw Damper replaces the commonly used rate gyro with a highly accurate accelerometer, which virtually eliminates moving parts (except for the servo actuator).
  • Improved Autopilot Performance: Single, integrated system superior for reducing skid and slip.
  • Lightweight: Minimizes components to reduce weight.
  • 3 Modes for Flexibility: Auto-On-Off modes makes it easy to address changing conditions like high crosswinds or a need to rapidly decrease altitude.
  • Low Cost: Affordably add advanced functionality to your autopilot.
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This SA-200 autopilot and altitude pre-selector uses barometric adjustment data from a digital encoding altimeter for extremely accurate altitude capture.
  • Enhanced Autopilot Functionality: Easily set and automatically capture your desired altitude.
  • Reduced Pilot Workload: Smoothly transition to pre-selected altitude—including vertical speed—with no pilot intervention.
  • Intuitive Digital Display: Easy input and easy to read.
  • Compact Footprint: Powerful functionality yet conserves panel space.
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Altitude selector / alerter system adds vertical speed and altitude hold functionality to analog and digital autopilots.
  • Enhanced Autopilot Functionality: Take your autopilot to a new level by adding two work-saving functions.
  • Reduced Pilot Workload: Easily set and automatically capture pre-selected vertical speed and desired altitude.
  • Intuitive Digital Display: Easy to input and easy to read.
  • Compact Footprint: Save valuable panel space while adding powerful capabilities.
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